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XML-RPC debugger

This is a graphical XML-RPC debugger I knocked up, because I was developing a web service and couldn't find any way of manually calling XML-RPC methods to test things out with. The syntax is fairly simple - for a quick guide, see the user's guide. It's written in Java, so you'll need a runtime environment from


What to do

If you're running under Windows, just download and double-click on the JAR, and it should just run. If you're using *NIX, download it and then, from the command line, execute java -jar xmlrpc-debug-jumbo.jar (substitute filename as appropriate).

For a look at the syntax for doing RPC calls, look at the user's guide.

I am grateful to Meridian Audio, whose logo appears above, for paying me while I worked on this project, and allowing me to release it to the public. Three cheers for clued-up employers! :)

© Meredydd Luff 2005

Released under the terms of the
GNU General Public License, v2.0